Questions to Consider When Applying

Questions for consider when applying to become a Parent Guide
• Why do you want to be a Parent Guide?
• What would you bring to this position?
• How much time are you willing to devote to your Parent Guide responsibilities? Think of
your weekends and evenings.
• How far are you willing to drive to visit a family or attend an event? Parent Guides are
paid for their time portal to portal.
• Are there areas of the job description that you are not comfortable with?
• How proficient are you at using the internet, cloud computing, social networking?
• What are your biases in regard to raising and educating a child who is deaf or hard of
• How familiar are you with the grief process/stages of grief?
• What resources do you know about in Arizona that could beneficial to families?
For Bilingual Parent Guides
• What is your preferred language for direct communication?
• What about for phone and email?
• Would you want to have translators available to you?
• Do you know of any specific resources available to families in Spanish?
• Would the Latino culture influence the parenting of a child who is deaf or hard of
• How might this apply to your role as a Parent Guide?
• How do you see Latino culture influencing the perception of the medical and
educational systems?
• How might this impact your role as a Parent Guide?

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